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Taste the difference with Massel gluten-free bouillon

We believe gluten-free food should taste so good that no one ever feels they are missing out! That's why we concentrate on making Massel gluten-free bouillon taste fantastic.

We've spent thirty years perfecting our recipes to make the best tasting gluten-free stocks and bouillons. We use premium vegetables and herbs, extra virgin olive oil and pure sea salt from the Great Southern Ocean, the cleanest ocean in the world.

Your gluten-free pantry essential

Massel bouillon is not just for great tasting stocks, broths, soups, stews and sauces. Use Massel gluten-free bouillon as a flavor boost for risotto, rice pilaf, polenta, quinoa or couscous. Mix it with extra virgin olive oil and use to bake your vegetables, or substitute for salt in any recipe for a tastier, healthier result. Massel bouillon will soon be your new gluten-free pantry essential!

Gorgeous gluten-free recipes

We have had a great time cooking and eating our way through some delicious gluten-free recipes using Massel bouillon and we've put together a bunch of great recipes for you to try.

We've also got quick tasty tips that will have you reaching for your Massel bouillon as a secret ingredient whenever a dish needs that extra hit of savory flavor.

For quick dinner ideas and easy healthy recipes check out our gluten-free recipes.


Why choose Massel gluten-free bouillon?

If you want to know why you should buy Massel instead of any other bouillon the answer is simple. Because Massel bouillon tastes better, and it's better for you.

Massel's growing popularity worldwide is due to our combination of fantastic flavors with great health benefits, including being one of the only gluten-free bouillons with no added MSG available. Massel bouillons are also vegetable based and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Massel gluten-free bouillons tick all the boxes for health and flavor.

Gluten-free Suitable for people with Celiac disease
Vegan No animal content
Heart Foundation approved* Lactose-free
Cholesterol-free Trans fat-free
Preservative-free No added MSG
Made using GMO-free ingredients Kosher certified

Our manufacturing process and accreditations

Because Massel bouillons and gravies are gluten-free we are also suitable for people who have health issues that constrain their diet, including people with celiac disease.

We know how important it is for our customers' health and peace of mind that we maintain the most rigorous standards to ensure that all our factory kitchens are contamination free. We have scrupulous food hygiene standards that comply with the most stringent international food safety requirements as follows:

  • We are fully certified to Food Safety System Certification 22000
  • We are fully certified to the ISO 22000 standard for food safety management systems
  • Our HACCP certification demonstrates our commitment to food safety
  • We are fully compliant with the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

In addition:

  • All our factory kitchens are entirely gluten-free to prevent cross contamination
  • We do not use animal products and our factory is animal product free
  • We are Kosher Certified

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*Massel Salt Reduced Ultracube Stock Cubes and Massel Stock Powder are Heart Foundation Tick Approved by the Heart Foundation of Australia.